3 minute video showing qualities we should strive to improve as leaders

Through the AIM Linked In group, we recently came across a great, 3 minute video from Enterpreneur.com showing 22 qualities that make great leaders.

People often ask us what we think are the most critical qualities that make up a leader. As seen in a previous post, we typically answer this question, without referencing a list of specific qualities – rather we think it boils down to

  • who they are (their unique specific traits, qualities and characteristics) and
  • what they do (their actions, reactions and behaviours – how people experience their leadership).

Many leaders have the potential to be a great leader – and be quite a different leader from the next person; but just as effective – so long as they truly own the role.

ideal v real 2We believe an ‘ideal leader’ is a ‘real’ one.

A great leader is one who a) wants to be a leader and b) wants to be a better one!


Still – it can help when finding ways to reflect on ourselves as leaders, to have some well considered prompts! Sometime this week set aside 6 minutes to reflect on yourself as a leader.

  • Spend 3 minutes watching this video showing 22 qualities some think we should strive to improve as leaders…
  • Then spend 3 more thinking about which of these qualities are important for your team in the context if what is happening right now.
    • Which qualities are current strengths?
    • Which have you been using as part of your practice?
    • And which of them need further attention?
    • What would others say? Is it worth getting some feedback?

Our answer to what makes a great leaders … those that a) want to be one, and b) want to be a better one! Where do you need to focus energy to help you become a better one?

Original source : https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/270486