Additional Content Workshops


Discovery in Action® moves beyond merely improving knowledge about leadership by bridging the gap between leadership theory and practice. This ensures that participants turn their knowledge into action and achieve actual results. Discovery in Action® works effectively as a stand-alone program with an emphasis on leadership practice in the workplace or as part of a broader, long term leadership development strategy.

A unique feature of the program, is its emphasis on a workplace based, real world perspective where everyday issues provide the context and drive the personal journey for each person. The content for the program is the personal context for each participant.

Want some training on specific content?

Some organisations like to add some specific ‘themed’ content sessions to the learning experience. We offer a range of ‘Learning and Development workshops’ (half day, full day, 2 day) and ‘2 hour Learning Forums’.

Click here to download a copy of all course options.

Other information

We have also run workshops in

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Leading Teams through Change
  • Mentoring – from the Mentor and Mentee perspectives
  • Facilitation Skills
  • How to Delegate Effectively
  • Achieving Buy-in
  • Managing Remote Teams
  • High Performance workshops for intact teams

We also can run short 1-2.5 hour sessions on some content themes. Please feel free to get in touch to explore this further.


High Perfoming Teams

Do you have an intact team that you’d like to move towards the high performance end of the result spectrum?

If the answer to this question is ‘yes’, contact us about our ‘Team : High Performance’ workshop. This utilises a similar framework to that used in DiA Leading People program – beliefs (conditions) and behaviours. Many teams have found the application of this framework useful in exploring the conditions and behaviours necessary for excellent team performance and results.