Considering MBTI-Type in presentations and reports

Does this sound familiar? ‘I have told them the same things for years, in fact I’ve probably told them 100 times and they still don’t get the message!’ This is often a regular theme when departments try to communicate with each other, or when trying to obtain buy-in from those more senior in the hierarchy. But is it our responsibility to sell – or their responsibility to buy? Maybe the problem is not with the receiver of the message? Maybe there is a problem with the delivery!

Is it possible the person is communicating the same message the same way – repeatedly, and thereby getting the same result? Communicating in the manner that you like to receive information is not enough – you need to think about how someone with different preferences may better receive the message…

In a recent workshop on Emotional Intelligence, a challenge a participant was reflecting on reminded me of this useful table.

It provides some prompts to remind you of different things to consider when preparing a presentation or a report.

I have found that using this slide as a checklist can help. And consider using the Golden circle concept when communicating – starting from the inside out – starting with the WHY


mbti in presentations