DiA Discoveries – Prompts to assess how effective you are as a people leader

Some time ago, we published a DiA Discoveries blog that shared our insights into those factors that seem to hinder consistently good leadership practice, or taking a more positive outlook, the key strengths that underpin great leadership practice. Team members often talk of the variation in the effectiveness of their leaders – many are good, few are ‘great’!

When people ask us what we think makes a great leader – we often give this answer.

Great people leaders are those who

a) want to be and own the role of being a people leader, and then

b) want to be a better one!

In our previous blog, we shared 6 key strengths that appear to be present in highly effective people leaders. As a recap :

  1. Purposeful Effort – They apply deliberate, purposeful and conscious effort to their leadership practice.
  2. Leadership Accountability – They fully accept and take-up their leadership responsibility.
  3. Understand Personal Drivers – They have a good understanding of the underlying drivers of their leadership behaviours.
  4. Self Awareness –  They have high levels of self-awareness as to their strengths, weaknesses and the impact on the people they lead.
  5. Skills & Know-how – They have the skills and know-how with regard to good leadership practice.
  6. Leadership theory – The have an understanding of leadership concepts and models.

As Marshall Goldsmith famously said, For most leaders, the great challenge is not understanding the practice of leadership; It is practicing their understanding of leadership. Or as we say, not just knowing but doing.

In this blog, we ask 6 key questions and share a simple table that gives you the opportunity to reflect again on your effectiveness as a people leader. If you are a people leader – how effective do you think you are? How strong do you think these 6 factors are for you?

  1. Purposeful Effort Do you continuously and consciously implement leadership behaviours and actions and reflect on your effectiveness as a people leader?
  2. Leadership Accountability Do you fully accept that you are responsible for optimising the performance of your team?
  3. Understand Personal Drivers Do you understand why you are proficient at some leadership behaviours and struggle with others?
  4. Self Awareness –  Do you know your strengths and weaknesses and understand the impact this has on your staff?
  5. Skills & Know-how Do you feel confident that you know what good leadership practice looks like and that you have the skills to implement.
  6. Leadership theory – Do you have a good understanding of leadership principles and concepts? Do you have your own model of people leadership?


key factors that drive effective leadership practice

Your self assessment will help you identify where you next need to focus your attention…

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