DiA – Leadership Circles Pilot Offer for People and Culture community


We are excited to explore a pilot DiA ‘Public Program’, made up of a small group of people leaders from the People and Culture Community from different organisations. We’ll run this remotely over Zoom in the second half of 2021.

Please watch this video to find out more!



Benefits in joining the pilot!

The pilot provides 3 core benefits:

  1. a personal opportunity to invest in your own leadership development (it is often not easy for you to participate in organisational programs when you are responsible for them)
  2. a personal networking / community of practice benefit by being in a cohort of P&C professionals from different organisations (OD/HR/L&D)
  3. an opportunity for a leader whose role is to help build stronger organisational capability in people leadership, to test and experience DiA themselves, without a significant commitment, to determine whether it has broader application inside your organisation.


Want to know more?

Please click below to access more information about the DiA Leadership Circles – Pilot Offer.

Participants also get indefinite member access during and after the program to a range of materials – tips + hints guides, videos, models etc – that are provided through the Discovery in Action® website, as well as a monthly leadership tips newsletter. We also have a separate slack channel for each group to help facilitate the sharing of information over the course of the program.

Contact: paul.eyres@eyresandassociates.com.au (0413 021 209) or melanie.eyres@eyresandassociates.com.au (0413 485 350) if you’d like to discuss this further.

Please send your Expressions of Interest by Tuesday 25th May 2021.