Future Trends in Leadership Development – White Paper

A few months ago, we came across a new paper entitled ‘Future Trends in Leadership Development’ by Neil Petrie from the Centre for Creative Leadership.

We have found it really interesting and thought we’d make it available to people visiting our site. It has a number of takeaways for development in general which OD and HR Managers should explore when designing programs for their leaders.

The article suggests that to be effective, Development programs need :

  • to focus on both horizontal (traditional, technical) and vertical (staged) development
  • to transfer greater ownership of development back to the leaders themselves
  • to facilitate collaborations within organisations and build more collective rather than individual leadership (‘heros’) in the network
  • to explore innovative rather than traditional ways, explore new practices grounded in adult learning principles

future trends in leadership dev 2011

We have been very excited to discover more evidence that has validated the learning process we have used in the design of our Discovery in Action® programs. Click on the link if you want to find out more…