Helping to re-motivate yourself or others

It doesn’t matter who you are, but each and every one of us will reach a moment (or two…!) when we get a bit flat…when we question what we are doing, and whether we are satisfied with where we are at. It can come after a period of intense pressure and we are tired; it can come after we’ve achieved a long sought after milestone; it can come on the way towards creating something important; it can come out of no-where…

We often ask our DiA participants – Do you think you can motivate someone? can you motivate

Most say – ‘sure’, ‘we can do XYZ’. ‘I’ve done ABC and this has helped turn a person around’. Leaders do have such a powerful impact on the environment in which their teams are operating. Yet, sometimes we just can’t get the same vibe from all our team members. When someone poses this frustration, we often share a well known  metaphor…one we all know, but with a small twist!

You can lead a horse to water…but you can’t shove their head in!!

As leaders, we can do all we can to make the ‘trough’ as attractive as possible, but ultimately, it is up to the individual to make the ‘choice’ to be motivated.


This blog by JD Meier shares an interesting take on motivation – and identifies 15 ideas on factors to consider. These are ideas for you if you have lost the ‘spark’, or may give you some ideas to explore with a team member – and may help make that trough sparkle!

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Once you had read it, you may find it helpful to reference our info graphic capturing these ideas.


15 ways to motivate yourself and others