How strong is your organisational awareness antennae?

org antennaUsing the lens of ‘Emotional Intelligence’, when you have strong social awareness, you sense the social / emotional cues in others, you understand how others are feeling, what may be concerning them and what they need. You understand power dynamics at play in a group and sense the ‘vibe’ within an organisation.

In his article ‘The Focused Leader’ (HBR, December 2013), Daniel Goleman writes, ‘People who excel at organisational influence can not only sense the flow of personal connections but also name the people whose opinions hold most sway, and so focusing on persuading those who will persuade others.’

Understanding how an organisation works, by reading the ‘currents of organisational life’, is a skill we all need to learn. Look at the questions below. Can you answer them? If you can’t, make some time to find out the answers…

org awareness