How to help someone develop EI

“If you are one of the unlucky people who must deal with a clueless colleague or a brutish boss, you’re not alone. Sadly, far too many people at work lack basic emotional intelligence. They simply don’t seem to have the self-awareness and the social skills that are necessary to work in our complicated multicultural and fast-moving companies. These people make life hell for the rest of us.”


But whose job is it to help fix these people? If the poor behaviour negatively impacts you or your team, and they report to you, you do need to try to do something about it.

EI problem

As the blog by Annie McKee describes, ‘Here’s the problem: EI is difficult to develop because it is linked to psychological development and neurological pathways created over an entire lifetime. It takes a lot of effort to change long-standing habits of human interaction — not to mention foundational competencies like self-awareness and emotional self-control. People need to be invested in changing their behavior and developing their EI, or it just doesn’t happen. What this means in practice is that you don’t have even a remote chance of changing someone’s EI unless they want to change.’

Here are some suggestions to help you COACH people through finding a way forward to improve their EI:

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