Leaders – remember your people are watching you…

In our very first Discovery in Action (Leading People) workshop, we talk about the power you have as a leader. That people notice you. That you are highly visible because of your role. And this happens, whether you are aware of it or not, and whether you ‘like’ it or not….

This short blog by Michael Hyatt gives another perspective on the ‘power’ that comes with a leadership role. Take a few minutes to reflect on the points raised in this blog, and think about the impact you are having. Michael notes:

  • people are aware of your role
  • people notice your behaviour – what you do and say, and what you don’t do and say…
  • people amplify your words and actions
  • people create stories to explain your behaviour – to help ‘make sense’ of what they see

Link to blog by Michael Hyatt


This short video also reminds us just how much people are watching us. People don’t just ‘act’ towards us – they ‘react’. Leaders can set the mood. If we look stressed and display a sense of panic, this can influence how those around us respond.

Check out this video link.


If you want to learn more about the impact of your mood and the influence on others, consider downloading our ‘tips and hints’ guide on this issue. Remember there are many ‘tips and hints’ guides for members on many themes. You need to be signed in to access these materials. More can be accessed on the ‘tips and hints’ page in the members section.