Leading with Lollipops? How you are making a difference…

Are you comfortable with the term ‘leader’ when talking about yourself? When we think of the term leader, we often think of people who do amazing things, who have made a positive difference and in some way; changed the world.

So if this is how we see leadership – we might think that these amazing things are the only ones worth celebrating.

A recent DiA participant reminded us of an inspirational 6 minute TED talk by Drew Dudley, that helps to redefine the definition of leadership, and helps you to think about leadership at a much more personal – and powerful level. Click here to view the video. (And see our info graphic summary of key points below.)


How many ‘lollipop moments’ have you created, how many have you acknowledged, how many have you paid forward and how many have you said ‘thank you’ for?

And how many more can be involved in – today, this week, this month, this year?

Ted Talk D Dudley - Leadership impact (lollipop)


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