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Above and Below the Line (post inc video) – had to remove this at request of copyright infringement (see Leadership bites folder)

Amy Cuddy TED and power pose

Annoying habit – ‘adding value’

Are you putting holes in your ‘stress bucket’?

Check up v check in

Confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome

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How did you make your staff feel today?

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Making those personal changes stick

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Wellbeing and the PERMA model

Why v How – have 2 more conversations about why and 2 less about how

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Why we need appreciation (not just recognition)

What is ‘good work’? Wellbeing quote

Younger leaders managing older team members


Mel’s 7 min video on the GROW model

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Social Styles summary video

Not loaded yet but made – Mindfulness, Conflict levels, Persuasion principles, Mood contagion, Active listening – all made with Powtoon and saved on Mel’s laptop

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