New DiA tips and hints on Empowerment

empowerment cropEmpowerment is the release of the full potential of every individual; it can make the difference between mere competence and excellence.

Empowerment has the word power in it for a reason. To give power to others you need to let go of some of your power. But you don’t lose – you are collectively creating more power!

Do the people you lead feel empowered?



How do you know?

You are on track if you:

  • Create principles that guide decision making and let people operate freely within them
  • Clarify objectives that are in line with business unit goals
  • Provide the required resources (people, budget and responsibility) to do a great job
  • Allow people to take responsibility for their decisions
  • Back people to make decisions that could involve some risk
  • Trust in people’s abilities and link work to their interests and aspirations.

Warning signs are if you:

  • Want things done as you would do them, not appreciating different styles or ways of presenting things
  • Provide team members with solutions to all problems
  • Seek to find who is responsible for mistakes instead of looking at learning from them…

…to be continued.

This DiA tips and hints guide provides more ‘warning signs’ to be mindful off, and a range of additional practical suggestions to increase empowerment in your team. Click here to access it.