Resilience – how well do you bounce back?

April 2014 : This post on Resilience was originally posted in September 2013. Recent interactions with our clients have however reminded us that many of us are regularly dealing with changing and uncertain times, and it helps to have a positive prompt to help us manage our mindset and our inner voice.

‘Resilience is an individual’s capacity to respond constructively to change, challenge and other stressors and to learn from that adversity to be even stronger and more capable than before.’1 When facing a period that tests us, it can help to try to consciously choose our thoughts, feelings and behaviours in an effort to make sense of what is happening, and to regain a sense of control.

Some useful reframing questions include:

• What is the outcome I am trying to achieve?
• What is my current response to this situation? What am I currently thinking, feeling and doing? Is this getting me the result that I want?
• What is a more helpful response to this situation? How do I need to be thinking, feeling and behaving? Will this get me the outcome I want to achieve?

1. True Grit : How you can build resilience to thrive in the most challenging of times.

This article from HR Daily helps provide some interesting insights on ways to build resilience, and is a useful companion piece to the original blog.


Original post…Many of us have had setbacks in our lives, be it professional or personal. And we have all had to deal with many changes; some that we have sailed through, and some that have really tested us. As you get older, you realise just how important the skill of resilience is – the ability to bounce back.

My experience tells me ‘mindset matters’. There is a difference between the facts and how we interpret the facts. There are always different lenses through which to view the situation. In an old HBR article references in our tips and hints (Manage your energy, not your time) we see 3 lenses to use:

Reverse Lens

How might someone else view this situation and in what ways might that be true?

Long lens

How will I most likely view this situation in six months?

Wide lens

Regardless of the outcome of this issue, how can I grow and learn from it?


This article explores some other options and gives some suggestions for how to develop your resilience skills.

Link to The Art of Bouncing Back article