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Start saying ‘yes’ to ‘no’…

Fear and ambition drive our willingness to do anything to succeed. But sometimes saying no is the best decision. (Daniel Goleman on Twitter)

Many of us are our own worst enemies. We want to please people, are motivated by a sense of achievement and so often find it hard to say ‘no’.

A blog post by Elad Levinson (LinkedIn) explores this dilemma. He calls this  a “mindful quandary.”  “There’s a tension between giving up health, happiness or a strategic career perspective to achieve an unsustainable ideal. What makes it a mindful quandary is that (the person in the story) is conscious of the need to change, and the inherent dangers of not changing now.”

work v life bal blue 2Elad suggests you ask yourself these questions when deciding if you should say yea or nay.

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This blog suggests that there will be subsequent blogs on the theme of “The Power of Won’ts,” where there will be some tips for how to skillfully act on:

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