The Feedback Fallacy – if you want people to thrive and excel, find what is working rather than what isn’t

Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall published a great article in Harvard Business Review in March-April 2019 exploring ‘The Feedback Fallacy’ – why feedback rarely does what it’s meant to.

They provide a slightly different take on the issue of feedback. Rather than providing suggestions for better ways to give and receive feedback, they go one step deeper and ask what is the core driver behind our desire to provide feedback. In asking and then answering this question – How can we help others to thrive and excel – they question if telling people what is ‘wrong’ actually helps people to thrive and excel. And their research suggests the answer is NO!

Check out the link to this HBR article here, then see our one page visual capturing our key take-aways from it.

We are strong believers in leveraging the strengths of others, and this research supports the power of this approach when working with and leading others.

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