The Golden Circle – why some leaders are able to inspire where others aren’t

Why is it that some leaders are able to inspire when others aren’t? Simon Sinek explores the relationship between the way we communicate and the results we get.

He calls it the ‘Golden Circle’. The Why, How and What.

Most people communicate from the outside in – everyone knows WHAT they do, some know HOW they do it, but very few know WHY they do it. ie. the purpose, the belief, the reason – Why does this matter to me? Why does this organisation exist?

why how whatInspiring leaders communicate from the inside out. They firstly connect to the WHY.

If we communicate from the inside out, starting with the WHY, we connect directly to the part of the brain that controls behaviour, decision making and emotion (the limbic brain). This part of the brain, the area that makes decisions doesn’t control language. Instead people get a ‘feeling’ – a ‘gut’ feel.

If we then move to the HOW and WHAT,  we allow people to rationalise things by the words we use – the tangible things we say and do. (This is the neocortex which controls rational + analytical thought, language etc.)

So how do you communicate with your team? Are you connecting to the WHY?

Link to Youtube clip by Simon Sinek (approx 5 minutes)

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