Tips to becoming a better leader?

We came across an article through Linked In by Dave Kerpen, that had a really refreshing take on a question often asked – ‘What does it take to be a good leader?’

This blog especially made us smile when it referenced ‘gratefulness’, ‘authenticity’ and ‘listening’. The leaders we think of fondly, live these ideas in their dealings with others.

Become a better leader2

Many a conversation is had about the question – ‘What makes a good leader’? 

Is it having great ideas? Is it knowing how to bring a great team together? Is it being honest, having excellent communication skills and being able to delegate? Is it charisma and confidence? Is it a good awareness of what is happening around them – and of themselves? Is it the ability to unite a group of people behind a common purpose, yet still be able to know what each individual needs to be their best?

When asked this question, we typically answer this question, without referencing a list of specific qualities – rather we think it boils down to

  • who they are (their unique specific traits, qualities and characteristics) and
  • what they do (their actions, reactions and behaviours – how people experience their leadership).

Many leaders have the potential to be a great leader – and be quite a different leader from the next person; but just as effective – so long as they truly own the role.

ideal v real 2We believe an ‘ideal leader’ is a ‘real’ one. And the ‘smile’ we refer to aligns with our belief that the best leaders are authentic, create an environment where people can thrive, and are both proud and grateful for results they deliver – together.

So when we are asked ‘What makes a great leader’ we also provide this answer :


A great leader is one who a) wants to be a leader and b) wants to be a better one!

What about you? Do you want to be a leader? And do you want to be a better one?

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