Tips to meet the ‘4 basic needs’ of your employees

People are said to feel better and be most productive when 4 needs are met…renewal (physical); value (emotional), focus (mental) and purpose (spiritual).

4 basic needs

This isn’t surprising news, of course. Is there any doubt that when we feel more energized, appreciated, focused and purposeful, we perform better?

What was surprising about the results of a survey performed by Tony Schwartz and Christine Porath (and shared in an HBR blog called ‘The Power of Meeting your Employees Needs’) is ‘how dramatically and positively getting these needs met is correlated with every variable that influences performance.’

A summary of their findings is captured in this graphic…

the effects of meeting needs

‘For example, when employees at a company perceive that any one of their four needs has been met, they report a 30% higher capacity to focus, a nearly 50% higher level of engagement, and a 63% greater likelihood to stay at the company. Even more interestingly, there is a straight dose effect associated with meeting an employee’s core needs – meaning that the cumulative positive impact rises with each additional need that gets satisfied.  For example, when all four needs are met, the effect on engagement rises from 50% for one need, to 125%. Engagement, in turn, has been positively correlated with profitability. In a meta-analysis of 263 research studies across 192 companies, employers with the most engaged employees were 22% more profitable than those with the least engaged employees.’

Simple Practical Ways to help meet these 4 needs…

So, what can you do to help meet your employee’s needs? Look back at your Discovery in Action – Leading People leadership model. What practical actions and behaviours directly help meet these four needs? And consider these simple idea prompts…

practical tips for 4 employee needs

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