Visual to support building new habits

In 2021 we came across a fantastic article in The Age by Dr Russ Harris. In the physical newspaper it was titled ‘Making changes for the better’, in the link we share here it is a slightly longer version called ‘Sticking to a new habit is hard – learn to set yourself up for success’. Both shared the same really powerful tips!

As Russ writes, ‘making change is hard!’. The key is to make small changes – and with the help of some of these 7 tips below, you can ‘sustain these new patterns until they become new habits‘.

We’ve created a visual capturing the essence of Russ’s 7 tips, and are using it with our coaching clients. We thought others might find this visual, and Russ’s post useful too!

Please click here to find the source of these ideas. Link shared with permission. Further information can be found by contacting Dr Russ Harris.

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