Want to bring about sustainable changes? Watch this video on neuroplasticity!

We’ve often written blogs about the challenges associated with making sustainable change. In our blog called ‘Making those personal changes stick’, we wrote…”So, you’ve identified some changes you want to make to your leadership practice. Perhaps you’ve been through a process of introspection and reflection; maybe you’ve sought and received some constructive feedback; or possibly you’ve participated in a leadership development program (such as Discovery in Action). You’ve done the hard yards working out what you need to work on and you are enthusiastic and committed to making some changes, for example:

  • More regularly engaging with difficult stakeholders
  • Delegating work more often
  • Having the ‘difficult conversation’ earlier
  • Providing positive feedback to staff on a regular basis


However you know it won’t be easy to try some new things that are not in your comfort zone. You know it won’t be easy to break some ingrained habits or behaviours. So…

How do I make sure I make the change?

How can I ensure that I can make the changes stick in the hurley burley of daily work?

How do I follow through on my intentions?


Successfully making sustainable personal change can be difficult – but you CAN DO it!

Firstly, take a look at this picture – a take note of the 3 steps to help you make those changes. (If you want more detail, click on the original blog link here.)

making personal changes stick

And then watch this video that validates that you CAN do it!!

We came across this excellent video by Sentis and it supports these ideas – supported in research about neuroplasticity. ‘With repeated and directed attention towards you desired change – you can rewire your brain!!’

To quote from a famous Australian TV commercial : ‘It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen!’ Make your change your new autopilot!