Discovery in Action®

Leadership development that turns knowing into doing


Are you facing these leadership development challenges in your organisation?

  • Talented technical people moving into management roles that struggle with leading their people?
  • Being confident that leadership programs are leading to on-the-ground change?
  • Poor staff survey results showing problems with staff engagement?
  • The need to build stronger organisational capability in people leadership?

Are you a senior leader or OD/HR manager looking for a way to develop leaders in your organisation that goes beyond improving knowledge about leadership; to actually delivering improved on-the-ground leadership in practice?

Confident Leaders

Discovery in Action® helps people step up into leadership through a journey of self-discovery which allows them to define their personal leadership style and transforms them into leaders with clarity and confidence.

“One of the key things for me was defining a model of leadership that brings out the best in people and then reframing that at a very personal level – this was something that I could own and which I found very useful.”

Leigh Bernoth, Manager, Litter, Sustainability Victoria


Accountable Leaders

Discovery in Action® embeds accountability in people managers with an emphasis on learning from experience and feedback so that they understand and take responsibility for their choices and the impact of their behaviour on their team’s performance.

“I have really gone back to basics. I make sure I make phone calls and make the visits and congratulate people for doing a good job. Those little things that can fall off the radar, I am putting back on the radar because they are important to people.”

Ellisa Bourne, Community Education Coordinator (Southern Metropolitan Region), Country Fire Authority

Authentic Leaders

Discovery in Action® encourages leaders to be true to themselves and develop an authentic voice that enables positive relationships built on trust and leads to greater organisational stability. Remember, people join organisations but they leave bosses!

“It’s one of the very few programs that really ensures that people remain true to themselves and because of that they have greater authenticity.”

Judy Utley, General Manager, Treasury Corporation of Victoria


Improved Organisational Culture and Performance

Discovery in Action® guides people managers to embed real behavioural change which ignites team engagement and encourages everyone to reach their potential. The ultimate goals of the program is to have a positive impact on organisational culture and performance.

“As part of our broader leadership program, we did a pre and post 360 where we did see significant behavioural change in our participants – as DiA is such a critical paper of the program it plays a huge impact in terms of that behavioural change.”

Chris Corrigan, Group Manager, Capability + Culture, People + Culture Branch, Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning

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