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Discovery in Action® (Leadership Circles) is a framework which facilitates insight and deep understanding through the exploration of our beliefs and the impact of our actions and behaviours.


Discovery in Action® (Leadership Circles) moves beyond merely improving knowledge about leadership by bridging the gap between leadership theory and practice. This ensures that participants turn their knowledge into action and achieve actual results.

Discovery in Action® (Leadership Circles) works effectively as a stand-alone program with an emphasis on leadership practice in the workplace or as part of a broader, long term leadership development strategy.

What is it?

Discovery in Action® is an innovative approach to leadership development for people managers that blends:

  • Action learning where participants are the subject of their own research and take responsibility for their choices
  • A workplace based, real world perspective where everyday issues provide the context and drive the personal journey for each person
  • An extended learning period with sustained support that encourages a continuous cycle of reflection + action + feedback
  • Peer groups which accelerate the development process and provide a rich learning environment through listening, challenging, supporting and mentoring
  • A guided process of self-discovery which creates self-awareness of participants beliefs and behaviours and encourages the development of their own leadership model specific to their situation.

Momentum and impetus for action is built through ownership of their thinking, the public commitment to action, the peer sharing of anecdotes, stories and experiences and access to a range of practical ‘tips and hints’ guides.

How does the process work?

Participants work through a facilitated process where they:

  1. Develop and clarify their own individual ‘model of people leadership’, which includes identifying the conditions under which they believe people will perform at their best and the behaviours the leaders need to demonstrate to get the best out of their people
  2. Reflect on their strengths and weaknesses in executing their model
  3. Test their thinking with their staff and others and get feedback on their model and perceptions of their behaviours and actions in practice
  4. Develop and articulate an action plan that identifies specific behaviours and actions they will take to improve leadership of their people
  5. Take action and implement their plan
  6. Reflect and learn from their experience.

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