6 Persuasion principles for your work and personal life

In late April 2015, HBR offered a free webinar to learn more about Robert Cialdini’s persuasion principles. Presented by Steven Martin, he shared the principles, and offered practical ways to implement them in today’s business.


Here is our visual story of this presentation.


6 persuasion principlesPrinciples to help with Managing Up

  • Reciprocity : Why should they pay attention to you? Find a way to help them in advance. Personalise it – eg put something on their desk. Become a source of value to them. And after you receive the ‘thank-you’, take the opportunity to seek their assistance – eg I was wondering if you could connect me with… etc
  • Authority : Find ways to have others point out your expertise – those who are also senior who your manager respects. Work on building coalitions, find exchanges of obligation to others who have access to your manager

Principles to help with Managing Across

People who are peers – look to find similarities and points of connection (principle of liking). Do this first before you ask for things from them.

Tips for online and remote contexts

  • find opportunities for Personalisation –  use people’s name, humanise interactions (eg hand write a note)


If you want more detail, click here to access recording of this webinar.

The executive summary of the webinar can be downloaded here


We have also found an animated video on these principles – the video is narrated by Robert Cialdini and Steven Martin