Developing your people – ideas using 70:20:10

70 20 10

When we sit down to have the annual performance and development discussion, when it comes to thinking about development options for the next 12 months, we often fall into the trap of thinking about courses to go on.

Much has been written in recent years about the emerging trends in modern day ‘development’. Most of this has challenged the traditional idea of education being the primary way to facilitate growth, with current thinking suggesting a much broader mindset is needed for learning and development options.



This is where the 70:20:10 concept comes in. Experts suggest that:

  • 70% of learning and development should come from experience (through day-to-day interactions, tasks and activities – ie learning on the job.)
  • 20% should come from exposure – (exposure to other people, such as colleagues, peers, leaders, coaches and / or mentors – and through opportunities to work and learn collaboratively with and from others), and
  • that only 10% of learning and development should come through education – through formal or structured courses or training programs

So, if you are exploring development options for yourself, or with those you lead, see if you can explore ideas that take advantage of the 70:20:10 thinking. Here are some simple examples that may spark some initial thoughts relevant to your unique context :