Is it worth it? Questions all leaders should ask themselves

Those of you who have been reading our posts for a while now will know we are very taken with Marshall Goldsmith! We are happy to admit he is a bit like ‘Yoda’ to us; always wise words that we can practically implement.

We came across a recent clip of Marshall sharing some of the concepts he has shared before, but this time some of the most helpful tips are captured in a simple 4 minute video. (See here for previous post and video link on ‘Adding value – an annoying habit of leaders’)


If you have a few minutes, hear what he had to say for yourself…


Marshall says:

  • The best leaders don’t make it about them!
  • Effectiveness of execution is a function of two things – a) the quality of the idea – times – b) the commitment to make it work
  • If you try to improve the quality of an idea by a small amount by offering your idea – you are risking decreasing the ownership and commitment of the person who had the original idea in the first place!
  • As you become more senior, your ‘suggestions’ suddenly turn into ‘orders’ – and people think they need to take them on. It is no longer ‘their idea’


  • So make a habit of stopping, taking a breath and asking yourself – Is it worth it?
  • Does my need to ‘add value’ have unintended consequences?



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