Move from the dance floor to the balcony

In sessions with our clients we often hear their challenges with balancing the detail and the bigger picture of their roles. A term often used to describe this is ‘moving from the dance floor to the balcony’ and knowing when is the right time to be in either of those places. In a business sense, being on the dance floor and the balcony can metaphorically represent different roles and perspectives within an organisation or project.

There is a difference between ‘doing the work’ and ‘getting the work done’!

We’ve made a simple visual to help describe what this can look like in practice…

In a business context, both perspectives are crucial for success. While those on the dance floor ensure efficient day-to-day operations and customer satisfaction, those on the balcony provide strategic direction, innovation, and long-term sustainability. Leaders need to know when it is appropriate to be in either ‘place’ and to proactively move from one to the other. Effective communication and collaboration between these two perspectives are essential for achieving business objectives, helping teams to deliver and to maintain a competitive edge.

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