Prompts to help you make sense of COVID ‘brain-fog’ – with tips that might help

Post by Melanie Eyres

This post is a little different than our usual posts. Like most people living through the challenges of 2020 and 2021 since COVID arrived, I have found my energy levels rise and fall, had more moments when I’ve been wading through a thick ‘brain fog’ and experienced an increasing number of days when I haven’t always felt or been my best.

Over this period, I have gravitated towards blogs / posts / stories that have either

a) helped me to make sense of what seems to be happening to me and others, and / or

b) been helpful in offering some options for how to deal with these feelings and moments.

To help me synthesise these scribbled notes and tagged messages, earlier this month I made myself a few visuals with a range of quotes and statements that have resonated most with me. On occasions I have shared aloud this information with others in coaching sessions or development workshops, sharing this information with others who are having a similar lived experience to me. I wondered if those in our network might also find these visuals helpful, so decided to share them here.

I have sources for most of the quotes, but not all! I initially wrote them because something in the words resonated with me, or connected with something I already knew – helping me to understand things at a deeper level. Some are my musings aiming to make sense of something I read. Apologies if there isn’t a link for all – but if something here also resonates with you, you can click on the link and be taken to the origin.

To access the links in the visuals – click here!

To access the links – click here to download the PDF of these visuals – the hyperlinks will take you to the source. (The links in the images below won’t take you to the source.)

Information that has been helpful to know – to help ‘make sense’ of things

Information that has been useful because it offers ideas about things to do that might help