3 tips to boost your confidence

We have written a few posts now about confidence – and it is surprising how many people have told us they struggle with this important competency.

One of the key competencies in the Self Awareness dimension of Emotional Intelligence (EI), I often see people at both ends of the confidence spectrum. In a recent workshop I ran on Emotional Intelligence, someone shared how perplexed they were about why they have a lack of self belief. It was important to let them know that most experts in EI do not believe that confidence (or any of the other EI competencies) is an innate talent, but rather a learned ability. This means everyone has the ability to increase their confidence (and their EI), if they work on building their skills and capabilities.

Whilst I believe this to be true, genetics does still play a role in determining where you might ‘naturally’ start on the confidence spectrum. As this TED-ed video shows, the balance of neuro-chemicals in your brain can play a role in confidence, along with the environment you are in, and the part you have control over : ‘the choices you make, the risks you take and how you think about an respond to challenges and set backs.’

As this video shows, it isn’t possible to totally untangle these 3 factors, but the personal choices we make play a role in confidence development.

Targeted at teens – but just as relevant for adults, this 4 minute video shares 3 tips to help cultivate our own confidence :


  1. Try a quick fix – picture yourself succeeding. Practice positive visualisations and affirmations
  2. Believe in your ability to improve – try to develop a growth mindset
  3. Practice failure – those who are prepared to risk failure learn how to try different strategies, ask others for advice and persevere!



Addition : click here to see Ted-Ed’s ‘5 ways to build lasting self-esteem’