Avoiding and managing fatigue and burnout

Some of our 2014 Discovery in Action program participants have been leading teams who have been working for extended periods towards a key outcome or deadline. The reality of our busy work lives means there are times when we work with extreme peaks and on the rarer occasions, an occasional trough.
Sometimes these busy periods can be exciting; when teams really gel and find creative solutions, but finding outlets for stress and finding ways to care for the wellbeing of your team members when there are extended peak periods is critical, both personally and professionally.


We often draw on the ‘goodwill’ of our team members in our peak times, and some of us may be guilty of withdrawing more from the ‘goodwill’ bank before we make a ‘deposit’! But as we know, a bank will go broke if we only withdraw from it!


Here are some ideas to help you to better manage and invest in the sustainability of team efforts.


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