‘Good’ v ‘Great’ Leaders?

We unashamedly confess to loving Marshall Goldsmith! Mel often comments that he is her ‘Yoda’; his insights are so powerfully simple, and are grounded in a lifetime of practical experiences. And he is a strong believer in ‘paying it forward’ – sharing what you have learned so others can find a way to have it inform and impact the way they go about their lives – work or personal.

We subscribe to his monthly newsletter – and came across this blog called ‘The Difference between Good Leaders and Great Leaders’. It is the extract of a conversation Marshall has with an interviewer, enquiring about 3 core themes:

  • the mistakes that great leaders avoid
  • the 3 qualities that help make them become even greater leaders, and
  • 5 qualities that are needed for global leaders of the future.

We’ve made a one page visual of the themes that resonated most with us – which we’ve shared above.

Click here to see Marshall’s original post on LinkedIn.