How can you build a feedback rich culture?

your comments pleaseTips for building a feedback rich culture

A feedback rich culture relies heavily on a foundation of trust, strong relationships and a clarity of purpose.

Ed Batista in his HBR blog ‘Building a Feedback Rich Culture‘ suggests there are four main elements to ensuring that feedback is ongoing within an organisation:

1. Safety and Trust: put real attention into building relationships in order to build trust and work hard to make the feedback environment safe.

2. Balance: be sure to provide feedback about what is working, as well as what we can do better.

3. Normalcy: make feedback part of the way we interact with each other. Ensure feedback is not something that only happens at the annual performance review or when something has gone wrong. It needs to be part of our every day interactions.

4. Personal Accountability: make the goal and expectation about feedback clear. The organisation needs to articulate that improving at giving and receiving feedback is an ongoing goal of ours, and everyone should explicitly ask for it often.

Help people to be better receivers of feedback

We believe we need that we need to actively help people know how to give feedback to others, but also build skills in helping them to be on the receiving end of feedback. Click here to see our tips and hints guide for being a better receiver of feedback.