Practical ideas on how to create ‘Goal Alignment’

A major driver of workplace morale and confidence is the extent to which individuals feel a strong personal commitment to the goals of the organisation and the inherent worthiness of their day to day activities in contributing to those organisational goals.

In short, if people don’t personally believe in the work that thegoal alignmenty are doing and the contribution it makes then they are unlikely to bring high levels of energy and motivation to their role.  A key task of leaders is to tap into those individual drivers in setting team/organisational purpose and goals and to continuously make the connection between individual goals/aspirations and the collective purpose and goals of the team and the organisation.  People want to know they are making a difference and want to feel ‘connected’ to something – this will help build a resilient and committed group of people.

We have put together a 2 page ‘practical ideas’ style document that outlines a number of broadly stated actions, organised by four overarching intentions, that maybe helpful in thinking about your actions and behaviours as a leader in order to generate goal alignment in your team and for individuals.

Practical ideas…on how to create goal alignment