Our Resilience model (incl link to tips on avoiding burnout + fatigue, + managing stress)

30 June or 31 December – which date causes you to have that uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach? Many feel pressured to ‘burn the midnight oil’ to get things finished by these key dates. Many need to work longer hours and / or lead teams who have been working for extended periods towards a key outcome or deadline. The reality of our busy work lives means there are times in the year when we work with extreme peaks and on the rarer occasions, hit an occasional trough.

Sometimes these busy periods can be exciting; when teams really gel and find creative solutions, but finding outlets for stress and finding ways to care for the wellbeing of your team members when there are extended peak periods is critical, both personally and professionally.

Previously, we have shared a link to a DiA Tips and hints guide that offered some practical suggestions for how to deal with this leadership challenge – entitled ‘Avoiding and managing fatigue and burnout’. It gives some suggestions to help people leaders

  • manage the peaks, and
  • rejuvenate a tired team.

It also offers some suggestions to help manage the (rare!) downtimes.

We thought it might be a good time to remind people of this document, and let our new ‘monthly leadership tips’ receivers who weren’t receiving the newsletter last year, know about it. Click here to access the document.


Since publishing this tips and hints guide, we have created a Dimensions of Resilience model that we reference in our 2 half day program entitled Enhancing your Resilience. This model shares practices and habits that resilient people tend to demonstrate – across 5 dimensions : physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social. Feel free to print this out to get some more tips on enhancing your wellbeing.

TIP : Why don’t you pick one thing from each of the 5 dimensions to focus on in the coming weeks. The start of the new calendar or financial year is a good time to set goals…set some goals to help yourself be your best over the next year – personally and professionally!


Dimensions of Resilience model_pastedtoGIMP


If you are interested in finding more out about our Enhancing your Resilience program, click here. This course is for any employee who wishes to improve their resilience : helping them to ‘survive’ and ‘thrive’ in a busy and often changing workplace. It could be run as a ‘public program’ within your organisation, or with your team.


February 2017 update : we have recently made a visual with ideas to help manage stress.