Science-backed ways to improve your wellbeing

Many posts and blogs come our way in the work we do, and some are more helpful than others! Over the last couple of years, any post on wellbeing causes us to pause, to see if there are some other practical and useful tips we can pass on to others. A recent HRB blog by Nataly Kogan called ‘6 Science-back ways to improve your wellbeing at work’ was one of them!

The blog didn’t necessarily share anything ground breaking or new – but it did help to have a mental checklist to work through in the one place – of the proven approaches that help. As always, the issue is not if you know themit is if you DO them – and do them often! We made a visual we have been using as a summary when talking to our coaching clients and thought we’d share it in case this prompts you to reflect on your habits. Do some work better for you than others? Do you do them often enough? What is one thing you could do for yourself today to prioritise your own wellbeing? Is there someone you know who might benefit from a quick check-in on their habits?

If some reminders resonate – check out the full post – it is worth a read 🙂

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