Ten things great leaders say that create engaged teams

We recently came across an impactful post on LinkedIN by Gordon Threadgold – this post shared a simple visual and was accompanied by a summary of 10 examples of things great leaders say that create highly engaged teams. Each of them cost nothing – but the returns can be ‘amazing’!

Gordon has kindly given us permission to share a link to his post. Check it out here.

Stand out messages

Questions or statements that particularly resonated

  • What do you need from me to make this a success? A positive spin on the progress principleWhat is one thing I can do to help you make progress in your work this week?
  • I value your contribution. Consistent with the recent TED video we shared on showing appreciation not just recognition at work. And follow that up with a ‘thank you’!
  • Do you have the capacity to do it now? Great leaders work with their team to review and at times, re-calibrate priorities – and do this with wellbeing in mind.
  • What do you think? A coaching mindset helps team members to think for themselves, but also shows the belief you have in them and their ideas.

Read the rest of Gordon’s tips by clicking here.