Want to be more productive and creative? Then get bored!

Researchers into ‘boredom’ have shared some really important research – by doing ‘nothing’ you can actually become your most productive and creative self! Critical things happen when we allow our brain to move into ‘default mode’ – and this only comes when we quieten the mind.

Here we:

  • connect disparate ideas
  • solve our most nagging problems
  • reflect on important moments and set goals
  • do our deeper thinking

On average, we shift our attention at work every 45 seconds! And this shifting depletes our neural resources – the casualty being our imagination and creativity.

This 2.40min TED talk by Manoush Zomorodi is a great reminder about what seems to intuitively be the opposite of what we think we need to do to achieve our best work – stop, slow down and look out the window!

Click here to see the 2.40 min video. (It is a summarised version with a link to facebook so can’t be embedded on this page)

Click here to watch the longer version (16 mins).